Long Beach, CA based Fine Artist / Photographer / Designer

I'm abstract.  I'm surreal.  I'm an insomniac, my brain doesn’t stop. They say the only difference between animals and humans is humans make art. If true, I guess it would be a lot less confusing and stressful being an animal.  Regardless, I decided to take on this beast called ART head on. A constant battle of lines, hues, and composition hangovers keep running through my head trying to melt together. I make up these paintings up as I go, and apply them with oil, acrylic, and found object. My field is usually wood or canvas, with a sfumato of abstract expressionism. My characters, usually anonymous, can be friends or foe, but I leave that up for viewer interpretation.

All original photography is taken with the following setup:

Canon 5D Mark IV | 24-70mm f2.8 |  | HOYA UV/POLAR/ND | MeFOTO Tripod 

Enjoy the ride,

Joey Quirk